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A Tree Planted for Every Order

Since April 2022, Brentwood Communications has been working with environmental organisation Ecologi to help fund reforestation and carbon avoidance projects around the world.

As part of our goal to become a greener, more sustainable company, we’ve been paying for a tree to be planted for every order we receive – which means that every time you purchase or hire two way radio equipment from us, you’re also helping boost the number of trees in the world.

Since we planted our first tree – an evergreen Natal mahogany tree planted in Mozambique – we have gone on to fund more than 4,000 trees across Africa and Madagascar. You can keep track of how our forest is growing at ecologi.com/bcforest. And with your help, we aim to see it grow much, much bigger in years to come.

Trees are one of the best tools we have to combat climate change caused by rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Global warming isn’t just being caused by the huge volumes of greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere by human activity. Deforestation means we are also cutting down nature’s means of capturing and recycling all of that carbon.

Even now, forested areas the size of Portugal are chopped down every year, with tropical rainforests taking the brunt. We currently make up for around half of what we cut down through replanting, so there is still a long way to go to reverse the decline of our world’s forests.

Organisations like Ecologi are right at the front leading this fight.

Supporting greener technologies

As well as reforesting, Ecologi is also involved in what are known as carbon avoidance projects – which just means transitioning from technologies that involve high carbon emissions and burning fossil fuels to greener, more renewable alternatives.

The money we donate from sales has also been helping to fund solar electricity generation in Indonesia, biogas projects in India, Turkey and Brazil, plus building wind farms in Mexico and Thailand. We have also been very pleased to support important conservation projects, including one to preserve and restore peatlands in Borneo that are home to endangered orangutans.

We’re posting monthly progress of our tree planting on the Brentwood Radios website here. A big thank you for your continued support!

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