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All Smiles for the Body Camera! featured image

All Smiles for the Body Camera!

Community Warden Karim Azizi and his colleagues have a brand new focus in their job these days.

Karim and the warden team at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have been patrolling their beat wearing the latest hi-tech body cameras.

But thanks to a small oversight, the picture hasn’t always been quite right. For when the Hytera VM550 and VM550D bodycams arrived earlier this year when the warden service was first launched, there was one tiny yet essential accessory missing – a means of clipping the cameras onto the wardens’ uniforms.

That made keeping the body cams straight and in focus tricky as the wardens patrolled the parks and streets of the London borough. In fact, they soon realised that a lot of the time they were only managing to film trees and the tops of people’s heads!

Wardens play an invaluable role supporting local law enforcement and, above all, leading community engagement efforts – a role that has become all the more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Body cams are worn to protect both the wardens and members of the public by providing a reliable record of interactions.

But to be reliable, it is important that cameras are focused in the right place, without distracting wardens in the course of their duties.

The Borough council had sourced the Hytera body cameras from another supplier, but unfortunately they were unable to help them with the clips required. After having no more luck with several other companies, the council finally got in touch with Brentwood Communications.

As well as supplying a number of leading body camera models, we also stock all the associated accessories, and were only too happy to help. After requesting photographs of the stab vests worn by the wardens, the body cameras themselves and their two way radios, we were able to identify the right type of Klick Fast studs to match the camera mounts.

Now Karim and colleagues can focus on their work, confident their cameras are doing the same!




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