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Boosting the Easter Thrills and Spills at Thorpe Park! featured image

Boosting the Easter Thrills and Spills at Thorpe Park!

The fabulous Easter weather saw thrill-seekers flock to Thorpe Park Resort in Kent, one of the south of England’s most popular theme parks.

The attraction’s operators had an action-packed weekend of fun family events planned, and Brentwood was delighted to lend a hand to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Thorpe Park has long been a valued customer of ours, using a two way radio system we supplied and installed for safety, security and management across the site. But in the run up to Easter this year, expecting bumper crowds, they got in touch with us again asking to hire extra radios.

With a special one-day extravaganza planned, management were planning on having more security staff on duty than usual and wanted enough two way radio handsets to go round. They needed a solution that would integrate easily with their existing set up and which would be straightforward for the extra security personnel to use on the day.

An obvious choice

Having worked with Thorpe Park for so long, our engineers are very familiar with the site and know what equipment they have in place already. It was therefore an obvious choice for us to recommend Motorola DP4400 handsets, which could be easily programmed in to the right frequencies to communicate with the radios already used on site.

The DP4400 is a high quality multi-purpose two way radio ideal for general use in a wide range of environments. A rugged and robust non-display handset, it is perfect for outdoor use as it comes with an IP68 rating for water resistance, so there are no issues if it rains – not that that was a concern over this Easter weekend!

With a classic two-way radio design, the DP4400 is straightforward to use, with the standard push-to-talk button, volume control, channel select and two programmable buttons, which can be used for safety features, making private calls, accepting work tickets and more. A dual mode digital and analogue radio, the DP4400 benefits from Motorola’s latest audio technology, including enhanced noise cancellation which makes it ideal for use at busy events where there are high levels of background noise.

Hiring two way radios is the ideal solution for one-off events, whether you want to expand on your existing fleet of devices as Thorpe Park did in this case, or you don’t own any handsets at all and are looking for an affordable short-term option.

Brentwood makes some of the best and most popular two way radio models on the market available for hire, so why not get in touch with us today on 01245 403520 to see what we can offer you.

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