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Brentwood Jumps To It When London Agency Comes Calling

With branches in New York, London and Milan, creative agency Spring certainly has its finger on the pulse of some in the world’s most hip and fashionable cities.

Providing marketing and branding services to luxury fashion and beauty brands, the Spring Studio in Camden includes fully equipped photography and video studios as well as an event space containing a bar and restaurant.

The agency has used two way radio at its London premises for a number of years as a means of keeping office, bar and kitchen staff in touch. Most recently, it was using Kenwood TK3501 handsets, and the earlier TK3301 models.

But these license free radios were proving erratic in providing coverage throughout the building, with calls breaking up and dropping out. And because unlicensed radios share the same frequencies with other users, there was also lots of signal interference.

Spring’s management decided it was time for an upgrade.


After carrying out a free site survey, we recommended an upgrade to the digital Kenwood TK-D340. The TK-D340 is designed for indoors use, operating on the UHF frequency range, which gives better signal coverage moving around and through obstacles. It is a dual operation analogue and digital model, and will switch automatically between both, but in digital mode gives much better signal range.

Slim and ergonomically designed, the TK-D340 is ideal for carrying around in a fast-paced environment such as a bar and restaurant. As a non-display radio, it is also very simple and straightforward to operate, which is perfect for hands-on activities like photography or video production.

In digital mode, the TK-D340 can handle two calls for every channel, effectively doubling the call capacity at any one time, so there is no concern about not being able to get an available channel even at the busiest times. It offers 13.5 hours battery life, so there is no risk of it running out of power when days turn into late nights, and with IP54/55 protection rating, it can withstand the regular splashes you might expect in a kitchen or bar.

The TK-D340 is a licensed radio, which meant Spring also had to purchase a license for the frequencies it operated on. We recommended a Simple UK License, which allows them to use their radios all across the UK and is also the cheapest option available. This license would ensure much less interference than on the open unlicensed frequencies.


With more than 40 years’ experience finding solutions for every type of business, Brentwood offers unparalleled expertise in two way radio hire.

To find out how we can help you, contact our team today on 01245 403520.

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