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Brentwood Radios Are Bang On Trend at Hugo Boss Store!

Fashion brand Hugo Boss is renowned the world over as a byword for quality and style. From suits to colognes, watches to casual wear, the German label is undoubtedly one of the big hitters in clothing and accessories for both men and women.

The company operates a giant worldwide retail operation selling its products directly to customers. One of its stores is located at the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Village, a major out-of-town shopping destination in Ellesmere Port, part way between Liverpool and Chester.

It was this store, a large BOSS Menswear outlet, which Brentwood was approached to supply a new two way radio solution to. Management wanted a way to improve communications on the shop floor, for example to allow staff to get messages from sales points to the stock room to check availability and so on, and improve the speed and efficiency of customer service.

The store had not used two way radio before and wanted a straightforward, affordable solution. We therefore recommended the Lugra Evoke 446, a license-free analogue handset that is big on value and big on doing the basics right.

Simple function

One of the big benefits of the Evoke 446 is that it is really straightforward to operate and therefore ideal for first-time two way radio users. It features the classic two way radio handset design, with a push-to-talk button, volume control and channel select switch. Unlike many modern digital two way radio models, the Evoke 446 focuses on doing one core job well – providing reliable voice communication across a range of business settings.

The other key benefit of the Evoke 446 is that it doesn’t need a radio licence to use. The majority of business-class two way radios have to be allocated specific radio spectrum to work on, which requires an access licence from Ofcom. However, Ofcom also makes a specific section of bandwidth – in the 446MHz range – available for unlicensed, free-to-air use. The Evoke 446 makes use of this (hence its name), reducing costs for end users.

If you require a license free radio solution, contact our team today on 01245 403520.

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