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Brentwood Reaches Dizzying Heights With Spanish Line Specialists featured image

Brentwood Reaches Dizzying Heights With Spanish Line Specialists

To work for La Linea Vertical, you have to have a head for heights. The Cadiz-based outfit is a global specialist in carrying out inspections and maintenance at height – which means its people get to go up in the world a lot, usually suspended on nothing more than a harness and a rope!

LLV’s services are widely sought after in the likes of the energy and petrochemical industries, where inspection and maintenance of hard-to-reach places like chimney and flare stacks, giant tanks and offshore oil rigs is a truly specialist occupation. Its highly trained personnel are also experts in safety and rescue anywhere where working at height is required.

The company has recently purchased a fleet of Motorola DP4401 EX digital ATEX two way radios from Brentwood for use by its rope operators all over the globe. When working in any kind of hazardous environment, communication is absolutely key for ensuring protocols are followed and that the safety of personnel is protected. For LLV’s people, a two way radio could literally be a lifeline to colleagues, as well as a vital means of coordinating work when you are suspended many hundreds of feet in the air.

Covering all bases

The reason LLV requested an ATEX radio is because of the amount of work it does in places like power plants, oil refineries and petrochemical processing facilities. In these environments, the ignition risk posed by working around flammable materials doubles the danger of working at height. It also means all electrical equipment has to meet strict safety guidelines to minimise the risk of sparks causing an explosion.

The DP4401 EX is a version of Motorola’s popular non-display digital handset that meets the EU-wide ATEX standard for electrical ignition control. Its carefully sealed casing ensures the electronic components are completely insulated against gas and dust and it operates at a cooler temperature than standard two way radios.

In addition, the DP4401 EX boasts super robust construction designed for use in the toughest industrial environments, has special blue detailing for easy visibility in low light and includes extra large buttons for convenient operation while wearing gloves – a small but important detail when you are trying to talk while suspended on a rope in full protective clothing.

In terms of more standard two way radio functionality, the DP4401 EX shares all the key features of Motorola’s flagship digital range, including impressive signal range and crystal clear audio. It can be programmed with a range of safety features, such as Lone Worker, Man Down and Emergency Button. On this occasion, LLV asked us to supply the handsets unprogrammed, as the company has its own technical team which will be able to programme features in depending on the nature of each job.

Whatever your industry and whatever your specialism, Brentwood has a wireless communications solution for you. Get in touch on 01245 403520 and have a chat to one of your experts today.

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