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Brentwood Supplied Olympus Keymed with Digital Radio System

Olympus KeyMed makes and supplies specialised medical equipment for distribution worldwide. For 90 years they have lead the way in designing endoscopy, microscopy and imaging products, among others.

Recently they asked Brentwood to provide a two way radio system with an integrated alarm control. They wanted this digital communication system to improve the efficiency and safety at their purpose-built headquarters in Southend, Essex.

Site Survey

Brentwood sent their highly qualified engineers to conduct radio tests and trials at the Olympus KeyMed complex. They concluded that handheld digital radios DP3400 (non-display) and DP3600 (display) by Motorola were the best option. To ensure full coverage of the two way radios across the entire site, the engineers boosted the signal with a DR3000 repeater and antenna.

Digital Radios

These Motorola digital radios employ the latest technology, which provides advanced safety features to protect the health and safety of users. The radios are reliable, dependable and water resistant.

The DP3400 provides the staff with clear, visible feedback. This makes the radio especially easy to use. The DP3600 has a basic keypad and a two-line display. This means the user can view text messages or menu-driven icons on a clear screen.

Both these radios have an ‘Emergency’ button to alert their colleagues if the need arises. Their large textured ‘Push-to-Talk’ button provides a tactile response and easy access (even when wearing gloves). What’s more, digital radios have the ability to enhance battery life – operating 40 per cent longer between charges, compared with analogue.

Bespoke Safety Features for Olympus KeyMed

To monitor the safety status of the staff, their radios include ‘Lone Worker’ and ‘Man Down’ facilities. For example, these features protect security personnel whilst on night duty, or workers who carry out tasks exposed to risk. When their radios evoke an alarm (including those actively initiated by ‘Emergency’ buttons), they alert the display radios for action to be taken. If the owners of these radios do not react straight away, the emergency diverts to a predetermined phone number.

The Lone Worker facility will alert colleagues if a member of staff is in potential danger. For it to work, the user (at risk) has to respond to periodic bleeps from their two-way radio, so their colleagues know they are OK. If the lone worker does not react to one of these prompts, their radio will instantly alert all DP3600 radios.

Man Down automatically dispatches a panic alarm when lone workers are injured, or fall unconscious. Their digital radio will initiate the distress signal when it senses an abnormal vertical tilt, or lack of motion. It relays the emergency to the display radios, so the users can take immediate action.

By improving the communication throughout the extensive complex, Brentwood’s integrated digital radio system has ensured this high-tech company operates more efficiently – and the workers feel safer and more secure.

If your manufacturing company requires two-way, digital radios to improve your communication over any large or complex site – please give us a call on 01245 403520 to discuss your needs

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