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Brentwood Supplies Radios to National Express Rail

Travelling by train can be chaotic at the best of times, yet alone at rush hour. This puts rail staff under a lot of pressure, as they have to face this every day while running the stations.

To make the job less stressful and improve health and safety, National Express Rail asked Brentwood to provide their rail staff with reliable, two-way radios. They wanted these installed at a number of stations on the Liverpool Street to Shenfield line.

The radio equipment would allow the crews to carry out their duties in several ways. For example, it would help them to manage the flow of passengers, without incident, when a train arrives and departs; deal safely with emergencies as well as problem passengers; and make communication and collaboration easier.

After testing a variety of radios during a site survey, Brentwood recommended the Motorola GP340. That’s because the GP340 provided full coverage across the entire area. What’s more, this two-way, analogue radio is robust and tough and considered the workhorse of the radio world. Tried-and-tested for over 20 years, the successful formula has worked in extreme environments and all weathers.

Motorola GP340 Analogue Radios

Apart from 100 per cent coverage, this durable, Motorola two way radio provides crisp and clear audio. The strong broadcasts cut through virtually any noisy conditions. When they need to be discreet, workers can whisper into their radios and still be heard by other users. The technology even reduces background noise during long pauses in conversation.

Each radio comes with a spare battery, belt-clip and charger. Hands-free operation is also possible when the user carries the radio on a belt, or shoulder strap.

Reliable radio communication means the rail staff are now more confident when dealing with the hustle and bustle on the platforms. National Express Rail is delighted with the radio systems. The crews now run the stations more efficiently, and they seem more secure and happier in their work.

If your railway network requires two-way radios to improve your communication over any large site – please give us a call on 01245 403520 to discuss your needs

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