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Brentwood Supply Bouygues UK a Crane Handsfree Radio Solution

Bouygues UK are an award winning company delivering construction, development and regeneration projects across the UK for public and commercial private sectors.

Brentwood have supplied two way radios to Bouygues for many years to help onsite communications for many of their prestigious developments.

Communications on development sites are important to help prevent accidents and minimize downtime when they do occur. Management at Bouygues approached Brentwood Communications when their onsite crane operators needed a reliable hands free communication system, which would be used by crane operators to contact members of staff on site and in the control centres. Management complained health and safety was currently compromised and productivity needed to be improved.

Brentwood engineers carried out a site survey to evaluate what equipment was needed. The engineers listened to the requirements and the current problems and frustrations which users encountered with the existing radio equipment. Operators would complain that communications were intermittent and interference was sometimes heard. It was apparent that Brentwood had to develop a unique solution specifically for Bouygues to overcome their challenges.

The crane operators required the ability to be able to communicate consistently and reliably using a radio whilst still having full control of the crane. A hands free option was the only solution.


To overcome the problem of interference Brentwood supplied a unique radio license from OFCOM, which meant that interference did not occur. To allow the operator full control of the crane, Brentwood installed a “goose mic” in to the cranes cab. A goose mic is a long microphone that in this case was connected by wire to the digital mobile radio in the cab. It was fitted directly in front of the operator. Instead of having to press a button to activate the radio for transmission, Brentwood engineers installed a foot pedal, which would be used in place of the press to talk button on the side of a radio. When the operator needed to communicate, they would press the foot pedal and speak into the goose mic. This solution made the radio operation totally handsfree, and was easy to use with no training required.

The hands free solution installed by Brentwood made it possible for crane operators to make and receive calls without having any contact with the radio. This increased productivity, reduced the likelyhood of accidents, and gave management piece of mind to know their operators have the most reliable equipment.


Brentwood Communications are unique in developing products based on customer requirements. Over 1 million happy customers over 40 years are benefitting from the expertise of Brentwood Communications. Brentwood listen to customer requirements and develop solutions to overcome frustrations and problems – a unique solution for every customer.

To enquire about how Brentwood can develop a radio solution for you, please call on 01245 403520

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