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Food Charity Reaches Out With New Two Way Radios featured image

Food Charity Reaches Out With New Two Way Radios

A charity which provides a lifeline to hundreds of people in one Surrey town has introduced a new set of two way radios to help it cope with rising demand.

East Grinstead Food Bank handed out food parcels to close to 2000 people in crisis last year. But with the COVID-19 pandemic putting even more financial strain on hard-up families struggling to put food on the table, the charity has seen requests for food parcels soar in recent months.

In order to better cope with demand, the food bank decided it was time to invest in a new set of two way radios. Based in a community centre in East Grinstead, the charity operates across different parts of the building, including a front-end collection centre where people receive their parcels and a backroom storage area where donations are received, stored and bundled up ready to be given out.

With a need for volunteers working across the two areas to keep in touch with one another, the charity used an old pair of Kenwood two way radios bought many years ago. But these were no longer working properly, so the food bank contacted Brentwood Communications with a view to getting a replacement.

Simple, affordable, reliable

Being a charitable organisation, we knew that value for money was an important consideration for the food bank.

And because it is staffed by volunteers, they were also looking for a simple-to-use solution that would nonetheless be completely reliable and ensure staff could keep in touch at all times.

Our recommendation was the Motorola XT420. This quality compact handset fit the required profile perfectly. A no-frills non-display two way radio with incredibly simple controls, the XT420 also delivers excellent audio, with a powerful in-built speaker that ensures messages get through loud and clear even in noisy environments.

Another key reason why we suggested the XT420 is that it is a license free two way radio. So as well as being a highly affordable handset in its own right, the XT420 doesn’t need an additional Ofcom license for access to the radio network. Instead, it operates on the free-to-use 446MHz public spectrum, which further reduces costs for users.

If you run a charity or community support group and have seen your communication needs change in recent months, Brentwood Communications can help. Two way radio is the ideal solution to support social distancing of your staff and volunteers while helping you to run the efficient, effective service your clients need in these trying times.

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