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Food Supplier Beefs Up Two Way Radio Network

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of frozen and fresh meat products has revamped the two way radio network at one of its processing plants, with a helping hand from Brentwood.

Anglo Beef Processors (ABP) UK works with 35,000 farmers around the country and specialises in supplying British Red Tractor approved beef and lamb produce to supermarkets and the food service industry.

It owns a number of popular high street brands, including Wessex frozen foods.

The company also owns W. A. Turner, the Kent-based sausage making company behind the Debbie & Andrew’s brand. It was the W. A. Turner processing plant in Tunbridge Wells which ABP contacted Brentwood about, enquiring about an upgrade to its existing two way radio fleet.

Fast Response

At the W. A. Turner site, two way radios are used primarily for maintenance purposes. It creates a communication link between supervisors, reception and maintenance personnel to create work tickets when there is an issue with a piece of machinery, and coordinating repair accordingly.

The business had been using unlicensed Motorola XT420 handheld radios for this purpose. But staff were finding coverage on the open network was not always great and call quality was not always what it should be.

In a high tech modern processing environment where large machinery is running constantly, small hitches are par for the course. The faster and more efficiently a system can get back online, the better overall productivity is, which is why the company decided it was time for a two way radio network which could help speed up maintenance operations.



Quality Assured

Brentwood engineers carried out a thorough assessment of the Tunbridge Wells factory and afterwards recommended the Motorola DP1400 to ABP. The DP1400 is a digital handset bringing all of the advantages of digital technology in a straightforward and cost effective form.

Testing of the DP1400 on site showed that the improved network coverage it offered compared to the XT240 was more than adequate. The DP1400 also provides much higher quality audio, with noise cancelling to ensure calls are clear even when used around large machinery. The DP1400 has an extended battery life, so can be used throughout long shifts without having to worry about recharging. It also supports private calling, perfect for talking one to one with colleagues and issuing work tickets directly, and comes with a number of reassuring safety alert features for those working with heavy machinery.

Finally, we supplied the DP1400 on a Simple UK license. Because all unlicensed radios share a relatively narrow frequency band, interference from other users is a common problem. A Simple UK license reduces this issue, and because it is not fixed to a specific location, it also means the radios could be used at other APB sites if required.

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Brentwood has more than 40 years’ experience supplying tailor made two way radio solutions to businesses from every sector of the economy. From manufacturing to retail, construction to security, we pride ourselves on building bespoke networks which meet the needs of every customer.

To talk to us about your communication needs, please contact our team today on 01245 403520.

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