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Helping an NHS Provider Stay Fire Compliant

We all know NHS providers have more than enough on their plate right now. But while the surge in COVID-19 cases over the winter might be taking up all the headlines as well as a big chunk of resources, NHS Trusts still have an obligation to provide care in safe, secure environments that comply with a wide range of regulations.

Like all public buildings and places of work, NHS premises have to adhere to strict guidelines on fire safety, which include having clear and robust evacuation policies. Effective communication is viewed as a cornerstone of managing evacuations efficiently. For that reason, it has become common practice for organisations of all types to supply two way radios to their appointed fire marshalls.

It was for this purpose that we were approached by the Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to supply a new fleet of two way radios to Orsett Hospital. Based in the village of Orsett, Grays, the hospital is these days a walk-in Minor Injuries Unit (MIU), as well as headquarters for the local Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

Reliable value

The request was straightforward – the Trust was looking for a reliable mobile radio that would provide robust coverage across the site to help marshalls coordinate fire drills and evacuations. There was no need for fancy features beyond good quality voice communication, and value for money was also a priority.

We supplied a set of Lugra LT5100LF handsets to the hospital on a trial basis. The fire team found that they worked just fine for their needs, with no issues with signal coverage at all, and consequently agreed to the purchase.

The Lugra LT5100LF is a license-free radio that is capable of working in both analogue and digital modes. Digital radio provides superior signal range and audio quality. License-free means that it operates on the public access 446MHz frequency range, meaning there is no need to buy an Ofcom license to get on the airwaves.

While the lack of a license makes the LT5100LF a perfect budget option, it also comes with a number of professional-grade features that includes call encryption, private and group calling, VOX hands-free operations and Emergency Button one-touch alarm.

One other request the client made was for a way to identify each handset as belonging to a particular department, so radios didn’t go missing or become ‘adopted’ by other
departments. We were more than happy to oblige and engraved each handset with a department name to make them easily identifiable.

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