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Hytera PD405: Seamless Switching Between Analogue and Digital

The big advantages digital two way radio has over analogue technology is leading to plenty of organisations to make the switch. But the problem when you have a sizeable fleet is cost – changing a dozen or more handsets becomes expensive, and many businesses would prefer to spread the costs over time.

There are plenty of two way radio models on the market which operate on both analogue and digital frequencies. The trouble is, you have to programme most of them to work on either one or the other at any one time. This doesn’t help if you want a migration option which allows you to buy a few digital models at a time while still using your analogue radios.

The Hytera PD405 solves this problem. Unlike most two way radios which can operate on both types of signal, the PD405 does not have to be pre-programmed to function on either digital or analogue. In fact, it can operate on both at once, picking up the signal type from other users automatically.

This makes the PD405 an ideal option in a mixed fleet.

General purpose radio

Lightweight, slim and straightforward to use, the PD405 is also an ideal general purpose two way radio.

A non-display model, it features a one-push call button, two programmable keys, a volume control and channel select. It is easy for first time users to pick up and operate.

Despite its compact, lightweight design, the PD405 is tough and built to withstand the kinds of knocks and scrapes you expect in a work environment. It meets the IP55 standard for dust and water resistance, and is built to the MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G US military standards for shock and temperature durability.

For extra peace of mind for workers operating in dangerous environments, the PD405 features a one push emergency alarm as standard, which sends an alert to every other radio in the network. As optional extras, priority interrupt and remote monitoring are also available.

The PD405 supports private, group and all call functions, meaning messages can be targeted appropriately to the right people. The programmable buttons can be configured to send predefined text messages, and it also supports hands-free voice operated transmission (VOX).

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