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Hytera PD415: Patrol Radio with Advanced Data Tracking Capabilities

Over the years, a large number of different two way radios have been used in the private security and public law enforcement sectors. However, unlike the Hytera PD415, not many have been built specifically with the needs of the security professional on patrol in mind.

The PD415 is lightweight, durable two way radio handset built for active use on the go. Amongst a number of unique identifying features, it is capable of working on both digital and analogue frequencies simultaneously, automatically picking up and processing the signal type from whatever radio it is speaking too. This not only means the PD415 is an ideal ‘migration’ radio for mixed fleets of analogue and digital as you gradually upgrade, it also means security professionals arriving on site can always connect to whatever radios are being used by in-house teams, without any need for re-programming.

With high performance digital circuitry, the PD415 delivers outstanding audio quality, ensuring voice calls cut through clean and sharp regardless of background noise. It supports individual, group or all call modes, meaning messages can be targeted precisely, and with TDMA direct technology can support two simultaneous calls at once.

The PD415 is also built to last, meeting the IP54 and US military MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards for resistance and durability. And as well as being able to look after itself, a PD415 helps to protect the user, with emergency alarm and priority interrupt features so help can always be summoned.

Patrol system tracking

The standout feature of the PD415 is the inclusion of an integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader. RFID technology combines microchips with small radio transmitters to allow data on the chip to be scanned by a suitably configured reader. It is used extensively across many industries, for example in security tags in retail.

The main purpose of the RFID reader in the PD415 is make the handsets compatible with a Patrol System, a tracking solution for managing patrol teams. Using RFID tags placed in specific locations, patrol guards check in by scanning the tag with their radio. This is then sent by the radio to a central control room, which uses the information to map the progress of individual guards and whole teams.

The RFID processing software is widely available, meaning it is possible to adapt this feature for all sorts of other uses. In a warehouse setting, for example, the RFID readers in the PD415 could be used to quickly scan tags on stock as it is delivered, to check what is in certain boxes and help organise loading and unloading. RFID can also be used in access control, meaning personnel carrying a PD415 could gain entry through security doors simply by scanning their radio handset.

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