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Introducing ICOM’s New Generation of IDAS Digital Business Radios featured image

Introducing ICOM’s New Generation of IDAS Digital Business Radios

Selecting the perfect digital radios for your business can be complex; the omission of just one feature can make the radio unsuitable. Icom’s new range of IDAS radios aims to solve this, blending an impressive feature set with optional components to best serve a variety of roles and working conditions.

Your first criterion will be the form factor; whether you need handheld radios that can be easily carried around by staff, or if you prefer a stationary model. Another important element to take into consideration is whether your radios will primarily be used for indoor or outdoor settings, as this will determine whether a UHF or VHF radio is a better choice for your workers.

Handheld Radios

All of the radios in the Icom range have a modern, slim design. Each only weighs around 170 grams. New engineering techniques allow the body of the radio to be as compact as possible, and reduced power consumption means a thinner battery pack which adds to the slender appearance.

Some of Icom’s radios in this range feature a high-resolution LCD display, while the more simply designed units operate without a display. Menus are intuitive, and a minimal amount of training is required, whether you opt for a display or a more simple unit.

All radios come standard with 4-key DES encryption which is upgradable to 256-bit AES encryption with the addition of an optional encryption unit. Waterproof and dust-tight construction, along with adherence to rugged MIL-STD standards, help ensure your radios will continue to operate for many years in even the harshest conditions.

Icom’s VHF IC-F3400 model radios are ideal for employees who spend the majority of their time outdoors such as park wardens, festival organisers, or event security staff. The range of UHF IC-F4400 models are better suited to indoor workers that need their speech to be heard loud and clear despite multiple floors, walls, and other obstructions.

Mobile Radios

Icom’s new mobile radios weigh approximately 1.5 kg each and are built for use inside vehicles, or can be combined with a battery pack and be used on a desk as your base of operations. Multiple controller configurations are possible through the use of optional separation kits and cables, which allow you to customise your radio installation to suit your requirements.

With the use of an optional GPS antenna, position data can be sent or received and used with an AVL (automatic vehicle location) system.

The VHF signal of the IC-F5400 series is best put to use in lorries, ships or other vehicles where signals can be transmitted more freely and will be less obstructed by human-made objects. For indoor settings such as taxi dispatch, the UHF capabilities of the IC-F6400 line are most suitable. However, Brentwood’s advisers would be more than happy to guide you towards the right model for your needs.

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For over 40 years, Brentwood has been at the forefront of radio technology. Our team supplies and stocks all prominent brands, and offers services and support to keep your radios running.

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