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Keeping Our Promise of Super Service for a Super Yacht! featured image

Keeping Our Promise of Super Service for a Super Yacht!

One of the things we believe keeps Brentwood Communications a step ahead of the competition is our commitment to service.

While other businesses might see closing a sale as the end of a transaction, we prefer to view it as just the start of a relationship with our clients. We understand just how important technical support and aftercare can be with communications equipment.

In fact, support options often play a key role in the solutions we recommend.

This was the case with a contract we won to supply an onboard two way radio system to a superyacht being built in The Netherlands. Along with a set of high performance Motorola digital handsets, we suggested the client install the VesselWatch platform, a multipurpose communications management system designed specifically for maritime applications.

As well as the impressive range of safety, security and service features it offers, one of the key reasons we recommended VesselWatch was that it supports over the air programming (OTAP) via an internet connection. This means that, despite being across the North Sea from the client, if there are any issues with the system, our technicians can carry out diagnostic tests and even run fixes for the problem all the way from our base in Essex.

Remote troubleshooting

Experience supplying two way radio solutions to the maritime industry has taught us that issues often arise in onboard comms systems when a new vessel moves from the build phase to operational testing.

And so it proved in this case.

The client had taken a set of Motorola DP4401 EX ATEX-compliant handsets for use by the onboard fire team (ATEX is the European safety standard for electrical devices used in environments with a high explosion risk). The radios were set up to work with the breathing apparatus kept on board. But during testing, the team just could not get the audio feed right, everything sounded muffled and difficult to hear to the point of being dangerous.

We asked the AV/IT Officer to send a couple of videos of what they were experiencing. Our tech team then spent some time troubleshooting the issue before remotely making alterations to the radio programming and sending updates using OTAP.

Sure enough, by making adjustments to the gain control and audio environment profiles via the VesselWatch platform, we were able to transform the audio output quality to deliver the kind of clarity needed in emergency situations – all without an engineer having to leave our HQ!

From the client’s perspective, the AV/IT Officer was delighted with the speed at which we were able to fix the issue, and with our on-going commitment to ensuring the system we supplied performed at the standard he expected.

Another happy customer, another promise kept!

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