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Kenwood Gets a Nexedge on the Competition

The modern workplace requires modern communications solutions. To meet these demands, Kenwood has come up with its most innovative and cutting edge two way radio range yet – the Nexedge NX-3000 series.

Part of the next generation of two way radio, the NX-3000 series moves beyond simple voice communication with integrated text and data support. The eight devices in the range – three UHF handsets, three VHF handsets and two mobile vehicle radios – all boast multi-mode operation, capable of connecting to both digital and analogue networks simultaneously.

This dual analogue-digital operation makes NX-3000 products ideal for future-proofing existing two way radio fleets by connecting high performance digital solutions to existing analogue handsets.

For even greater flexibility, Nexedge two way radios also operate on two different digital protocols, the DMR standard and Kenwood’s own NXDN protocol. NXDN offers advanced trunking options which allow channel capacity to be scaled up radically, creating extended networks for large numbers of users with high traffic volumes.

Similarly, using Nexedge radios on the DMR protocol allows channel capacity to be doubled using dual slot direct mode, which creates two talk paths on a single frequency. DMR also supports Site Roaming, so individual devices can be used in multiple locations.

As well as multiple voice modes, all NX-3000 two way radios also come with in-built GPS location tracking to help with fleet management and coordination. They also support Bluetooth connections to wireless headsets and hands-free devices.

Indoors and Out

The Nexedge series is divided equally into UHF and VHF models. NX-3220 handsets and the NX-3720E vehicle radio operate on VHF frequencies, while the NX-3320 handsets and NX-3820E mobile unit work on UHF. With a slightly longer wavelength, VHF offers a better signal range, especially outdoors and in wide open spaces. UHF, on the other hand, provides a more reliable signal indoors and in heavily built up areas where there are more obstacles.

Out of the six handsets available, there are two non-display models, two display with standard keypad, and two display with full keypad – one of each operating on UHF and VHF. The standard keypad is four-directional D-pad for scrolling through menus on screen, while the full keypad also includes a a 12-key alphanumeric pad.

Maintaining the classic Kenwood two way radio design, all NX-3220 and NX-3320 handsets include an antenna, volume control, channel switch and push-to-talk button. The four display models and the vehicle radios also include a seven-colour LED status indicator.

The entire Nexedge range benefits from Kenwood’s trademark Active Noise Reduction (ANR) software, delivering crystal clear audio even in the loudest environments. They are also built to be sturdy and robust, with IP54, 55 and 67 ratings for water and dust resistance, while all devices meet US military standards MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for extremes of temperature, vibration and shock.

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For over 40 years, Brentwood has been at the forefront of radio technology. Our team supplies and stocks all prominent brands, and offers services and support to keep your radios running.

To find out more about the new Kenwood Nexedge Series or to see how we can serve your business, contact us today on 01245 403520.

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