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Kenwood TK-D240 / TK-D340 Product Focus featured image

Kenwood TK-D240 / TK-D340 Product Focus

The Kenwood TK-D240 and TK-D340 two way radios are designed for a range of commercial applications. The TK-D240 is a VHF unit, while the TK-340 is the UHF version. The radios look the same, and have roughly the same feature set.

Both the Kenwood TK-D240 and TK-D340 offer dual analogue and digital mode, with automatic switching between the two. If you’re looking for an easy route to upgrade analogue units, the TK-D240 and TK-D340 offer that flexibility in a single user-friendly package.

Kenwood’s TK-D240 and TK-D340 two way radios have an emergency call interruption feature, which allows a radio to speak over others mid-broadcast. A lone worker mode also ensures that people who are working by themselves are protected from accident and injury. This is an essential feature for anyone who may be exposed to hazardous materials or violent behaviour.

Both the UHF and VHF versions of this radio are IP54 rated, rising to IP55 in certain operating situations. Both are well suited to being used on noisy sites, with AMBE+2 VOCODER technology providing crisp, clear sound; both radios can be used with an optional earpiece, headset or speaker microphone. Both radios are designed to be comfortable and compact in the hand, and a belt clip accessory is available too.

In digital mode, the TK-D240 and TK-D340 offer double the channels thanks to more efficient use of the spectrum. Digital mode also provides more than 13 hours of battery life in normal conditions. Each unit has a built in Call LED, and a Voice Announcement of the channel in use. This announcement can be switched on or off, depending on the users own preference. The TK-D240 and TK-D340 both feature a keypad lock, selectable squelch, optional password and user selectable language (7 available, defaulting to English).

If you want digital technology with backwards compatibility to analogue, the TK-D240 and TK-D340 are just two of your options. We stock a range of migration radios that could make the switch more affordable for your business. If you only need radios short-term, you could even hire the handsets, rather than buying them outright. We’ll provide the full package, including the mics, earpieces and accessories you require.

If you require a durable, UHF or VHF radio, call us on 01245 403520 today. We can also advise on your route to digital upgrade, if you want to future-proof your investment.

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