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London Marathon marshals entrusts Brentwood with on-the-ground radio communications featured image

London Marathon marshals entrusts Brentwood with on-the-ground radio communications

Whether or not you are a sports fan, you are unlikely to have missed the hype surrounding the 2015 London Marathon, with both the male and female record holders taking part. Most of us watched the highlights on the evening news, but many flocked to the capital city to be part of the famous carnival atmosphere.

Whilst part of the enduring appeal of this famous race is the sight of hordes of spectators desperate for a glimpse of their favourite runners, the day also represents a significant security risk requiring stringent planning.

As with all major events, effective communications are an essential part of the organisation of the London Marathon. That is why specialist event planners Event 360 were commissioned to marshal the event from strategic points on London Bridge, and why two way radio specialists, Brentwood Communications were asked – in preference to other two way radio providers – to supply digital two way radios that enabled Event 360 ground staff to stay in contact with each other throughout the race.

When you are responsible for patrolling a busy event in the metropolis and shepherding crowds of excited bystanders, you need communications equipment that will withstand the rigours of the day. Using its 40 years of experience, Brentwood was able to determine the appropriate radio equipment for hire at the London Marathon. Events 360, who describe themselves as ‘specialists in stadium events and spectator experiences’, needed durable handsets with expanded coverage, clear voice communication and superior battery performance. Brentwood kitted them out with Motorola DP2400 radios, Motorola heavy-duty, noise cancelling headsets and acoustic tube earpieces.

The Motorola DP2400 is ideal for use in a busy, noisy atmosphere: Intelligent Audio automatically adjusts to compensate for background noise and noise suppression filters out traffic sounds. The heavy-duty headset is designed for rugged use where hearing protection is needed, and includes a flexible noise-cancelling boom microphone. The two wire acoustic tube earpieces provide discreet communication, with a rubber ear tip for comfort during extended wear.

The Motorola Two Way Radios DP2400 was ideal for the specific marshalling requirements of London’s famous race, but is worth noting how easily these handsets can be enhanced through a simple software upgrade to provide a range of additional key features.

For more information on our on ground radio communications range of digital two way radios, to hire or to buy, please call us on 01245 403520 and speak to a member of our team today.

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