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Named after the westernmost gate of the historic City of London, 1 and 2 New Ludgate is a landmark new development located opposite the Old Bailey. The two separate buildings provide close to 350,000 sq ft of office space plus 32,000 sq ft of retail accommodation around a central plaza which separates the two.

Developer Land Securities wanted to equip the buildings with a fully functioning modern two way radio system once the buildings were completed in 2015 to support ongoing facilities management. In particular, they wanted to ensure seamless communication across both buildings to make sure security and safety operations in particular were well coordinated and integrated.

Brentwood set out to build a wide area solution using signal-boosting Motorola SLR5500 digital repeaters and a distributed antenna system. The key was linking the repeaters across the two buildings, and this is where digital technology came into its own. Using a Motorola DM4600 desk radio as a central control centre, we installed Motorola’s groundbreaking Linked Capacity Plus software to integrate the two networks.

For handsets, we supplied Motorola DP2400e non-display devices for general use and the DP4800e full keypad and display model for supervision and coordination. Both benefit from excellent digitally enhanced intelligent audio with features including private calling, emergency button and Lone Worker monitoring. The DP4800e also includes options for dispatch and work order ticket management, telephone system integration, and the ability to send emails and text messages.

Photo © Fred Romero and Dun.can (cc-by-sa/2.0)


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