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Built in 1888 as new headquarters for the General Post Office, 1 St Martin’s Le Grande occupies a prestigious location just a short distance north of St Paul’s Cathedral at the southern-most reach of the Great North Road – better known today as the A1. Recently owned by Japanese bank Nomura, today the building provides 270,000 sq ft of office space to a range of tenants.

Brentwood was commissioned by the building’s managing agent, Savills, to provide a two way radio system for day-to-day use by security, maintenance and cleaning staff. The network was also to be used for health and safety management, including fire evacuation, and therefore had to deliver flawless coverage throughout the building.

To meet these requirements, we supplied two Motorola two way radio models – a fleet of non-display DP2400 handsets and full keypad, colour display SL4000’s. Hard-working and reliable, the DP2400 offers the benefits of advanced digital performance in a straightforward handset designed for general day-to-day use. The ultra compact, mobile phone-like SL4000 is an ideal choice for supervisors and management, with a range of value-added features such as telephone integration, email gateways, text messaging and work order ticket allocation.

To ensure satisfactory coverage throughout the premises, we also installed DR3000 repeaters to boost signal range, plus a DM4600 radio base station to act as a central control centre for communication and works coordination.

Photos © Chris McKenna, Spudgun67 and Hamish Griffin (cc-by-sa/2.0)


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