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From its lofty seat in London’s West End, the Centre Point tower has been offering some of the finest views of the capital since the 1960s. One of the country’s first skyscrapers, the 33-storey Grade II listed building presented a vision of high rise living that was years ahead of its time. Extensively refurbished in the mid-2000s, Centre Point today offers some of the finest apartments available in the cultural heart of London.

Brentwood was invited to pitch to the building’s operators for how we could improve staff communications within the tower. The system already in place was built around legacy analogue equipment which, although it represented the top of the market when it was purchased, struggled to meet the coverage requirements of such a gigantic structure.

We recommended a full upgrade to the latest digital solutions, advising management that the power, enhanced audio and sophisticated functionality of a Motorola E-Series system would suit all of their operational needs. We supplied Motorola DP4400e two way radio handsets for general use by cleaners, facilities management and security, plus the super compact DP3661e full screen model for supervisors, giving them access to a full user list and private calling.

To ensure adequate coverage throughout the building, we also installed the latest Motorola SLR5500 digital repeater unit to boost signal and a distributed antenna system. The repeaters were linked using IP Site Connect software, which meant we could interlink a series of smaller networks into one big one using broadband.

Photo by Mike Peel ( License: CC-BY-SA 4.0


Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

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