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CityPoint is a 35-storey skyscraper located on Ropemaker Street, just to the north of Moorgate Tube Station. Originally built in 1967 as the headquarters of BP, when it was known as Britannic House, it underwent an extensive refurbishment in 2000. In the mid-2000s, it was sold twice for more than half a billion pounds in the space of two years, briefly making it the most expensive property sold in the country.


With a collection of cafes and restaurants at floor level, most of CityPoint is taken up by office space, with on-site facilities including a swimming pool. As with any tall skyscraper, managing the premises presents significant communications challenges, particularly for security and FM teams. Brentwood was brought in to provide a digital upgrade to an old analogue system to improve reliability and performance.

Recognising the need for a high output solution that would deliver excellent audio coverage across the entire 35 floors, we recommended Motorola DP3441e and SL4000 digital two way radios. Both handsets have the benefit of being extremely compact and therefore easy to carry around, while still delivering best in class enhanced audio and additional functions like private and group calling, emergency alerts and location tracking.

To ensure  network coverage was fit for purpose throughout the building, we installed several Motorola DR3000 repeater units to boost signal. Routing these through a central DM4600 desk radio, we used Motorola’s innovative IP Site Connect technology to create on big network from several smaller ones via WiFi. We also programmed in TRBOnet Voice Recorder to be used for monitoring and compliance purposes.


TRBOnet Voice Recorder

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