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Confirming the expansion of London Inc beyond the traditional City limits, Principal Place is a massive new mixed use development to the north of Liverpool Street Station on the edge of hip and happening Shoreditch. Now leased by Amazon as its UK headquarters, Principal Place is living proof that the old East End is on the up and up.

Comprising a massive 600,000 sq ft of office space – suitably grand for one of the world’s biggest tech companies – Principal Place also boasts a coterie of audaciously trendy coffee shops, bars and restaurants, plus an award-winning gym and yoga space. Behind the scenes, the day-to-day running of this bustling new hub is supported by a Motorola two way radio system supplied by Brentwood.

Given the sheer size of the premises – and the small army of security staff, cleaners, maintenance people and site managers that run the show – we knew a high performance solution was required. We supplied a fleet of DP4800 handsets, Motorola’s flagship top spec digital radio, boasting 1000-plus channels, multiple data integrations including GPS location tracking, dozens of pre-programmed features and a full keypad and screen to run them all.

We paired these powerful handsets with Motorola SLR5500 repeater units and a distributed antenna system throughout the giant site, using the advanced signal boosters to establish self-contained networks in different corners of the building. We then linked them all using IP Site Connect WiFi technology to create one big network covering the whole building.

Photos © Matt Brown and N Chadwick Licensed Under Creative Commons


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