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In a city steeped in history, you don’t find many locations more historic than the Royal Exchange. When first opened in the 16th Century between Cornhill and Threadneedle Street, it was the capital’s first specialist commercial building. Twice destroyed by fire, today’s grand neo-classical structure was opened in the 1840s. Having served as the base of the Lloyd’s insurance market for almost 150 years, today the Exchange is home to some of the City’s most exclusive boutique retail and dining destinations, as well as premium serviced offices.

The building’s operators responsible for the day-to-day running of the Exchange carry out their duties with the aid of a digital two way radio system they hire from Brentwood. We supply the premises with two types of Motorola digital handset, the DP3441 and SL4000. The DP3441 is a super-compact model which still offers the benefits of Motorola’s most advanced digital technology, including sophisticated noise suppression and automatic volume adjustment, GPS location tracking and several emergency alert and monitoring features.

The SL4000 is a similarly slimline model designed to be easy to carry and discrete to use. Unlike the DP3441, it features a full keypad and display, resembling a pre-smartphone mobile in appearance, which allows the user to manage contacts lists and call groups, issue work tickets and operate as a dispatch console.

Photos © Balajiviswanathan, Aurelien Guichard and Reguiieee Licensed Under Creative Commons


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