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Lugra Evoke 446: A Low Cost Option For Unlicensed Radio featured image

Lugra Evoke 446: A Low Cost Option For Unlicensed Radio

Not everyone is looking for feature rich, all singing, all dancing two way radio solutions packed full of the latest digital call and data technologies.

There are still plenty of users out there who are more than content with a simple, familiar ‘walkie talkie’, a handheld radio which provides wireless two way voice communication, and nothing else.

There are a number of advantages to keeping things simple, depending on what you need two way radio for. One is, if you don’t need anything other than two way voice communication, why bog yourself down with features you won’t use? The other is cost, and the more straightforward handheld radio is, the cheaper it tends to be.

This is where unlicensed radio comes in. To make use of radio bandwidth on the UK’s airwaves, you usually have to buy a license to access specific frequencies. However, the telecoms regulator Ofcom also makes certain frequencies free to use, hence ‘unlicensed’. Two way radios which operate on these frequencies therefore have a clear cost advantage.

General Appeal

One of the best value models in this category is the Lugra Evoke 446 – named after the UK’s free-to-use unlicensed frequency, 446MHz.

The Lugra Evoke 446 is typical of many of the two way radio models in the unlicensed class. Compact and lightweight, it has very simple to use controls, with just a speaker and microphone on the front panel, a push-to-talk button on one side, and on the top an antenna, volume control and channel rotation knob for tuning.

With an average maximum range of 2km, depending on the terrain and how built up the surrounding area is, it is ideal for a wide range of uses. It makes a great low cost option for leisure use, perfect for keeping open lines of communication in activities like camping, hiking and cycling. It is also a popular choice for small businesses, for example retailers, restaurateurs and guest house owners, as well as for community groups and sports clubs.

Unbeatable Price

Right now, the Lugra Evoke 446 is available at an unbeatable price from Brentwood.

All handsets come supplied with a lithium ion battery which provides up to 12 hours talk time on a single charge. The Lugra Evoke 446 makes a great first introduction to two way radio, or can be used alongside existing unlicensed models.

The Lugra Evoke is also available as a licensed analogue radio, which provides better security for communications and less risk of interference from other radio users. The Lugra Evolve E55, meanwhile, is the digital cousin to both.

For more details about the extensive range of two way radios Brentwood has for sale or to hire, click here. Or if you would like to talk to us about which type of two way radio would suit your needs best – licensed or unlicensed, analogue or digital – please feel free to contact our friendly team on 01245 403520.

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