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Motorola Reboots Digital Radio Range

Leading manufacturer Motorola has unveiled its next generation of two way radios, marking a major overhaul of its digital range.

The brand new E Series is a reboot of the company’s successful MOTOTRBO range, adding a number of innovative new features and enhancements to seven existing model types.

The launch of the E Series continues Motorola’s longstanding commitment to developing best in class digital radio technology for professional use.

Better Connection

All handsets in the new E Series are enhanced by new features making use of the very latest location tracking and connectivity technology. The whole range benefits from more accurate and reliable GPS tracking, which supports improvements to security features such as Man Down and Lone Worker. If an alert is raised on an E Series network, colleagues will be able to pinpoint the source more quickly and accurately.

Another innovation is the introduction of indoor tracking using integrated Bluetooth. This feature makes use of Bluetooth transmitters to identify the locations of connected devices. This will again enable faster, more responsive user tracking at crowded indoor events or on multi story sites.

In addition, improved receiver sensitivity has increased operable network range by up to 16 per cent in some models, while innovative new low voltage technology has extended battery life by up to 29 hours.

Enhanced Audio

Enhanced Audio

All models in the DP2400, DP2600, DP3441, DP4400/01, DP4600/01, DP4800/01 and SL4000 ranges are now available in an ‘E’ – for ‘Enhanced’ – version.

All new handsets benefit from improved audio clarity thanks to a redesign of the amplifier. The IMPRESTM system provides better consistency in audio quality, whilst many models also feature SINC+ advanced noise cancellation for regulating background noise in loud environments.

Motorola has also taken steps to enhance capabilities for ongoing updates and running patches as software improvements are made, doubling RAM memory to 128MB and including integrated WiFi to run firmware updates.

A number of handsets feature upgrades to chassis design and durability, with higher IP certification ratings for the new DP4000e, DP3441e and DP2000e series.

All models continue to work with the existing range of digital accessories using their inbuilt Bluetooth, including hands free microphones, ear pieces and headsets, so upgrading your handsets does not mean having to purchase a whole new range.

If you would like to learn more about the MOTOTRBO E-series or about any of our other ranges of business class two way radio, please give us a call on 01245 403520 or Email us at info@brentwoodradios.co.uk.

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