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Motorola SLR 5500 Repeater – next generation solution featured image

Motorola SLR 5500 Repeater – next generation solution

For large work sites or outdoor events, a repeater is an essential addition to your two way radio set-up. The Motorola SLR 5500 repeater is an upgrade worth considering, as it provides improved tech specs over the DR3000 in a smaller, more compact unit.

If your business is currently running analogue two way radios, or you’re part-way through a switch to digital technology, the SLR 5500 will support your existing hardware as well as your migration plans. It can be used in fully analogue or fully digital mode, and also supports a mixed mode configuration, where both types of radios can be used through the same repeater.

With 50W of transmitting power, the Motorola SLR 5500 can extend two way radio coverage over large sites, both indoors and out. It’s suitable for large industrial facilities, and is equally well suited to assisting events organisers communicate over long distances over outdoor terrain.

Compared to the DR3000, the SLR 5500 offers 10 times more processing power, 125 times more data capacity, and 15 times more memory, making it a worthwhile investment and a valuable upgrade to your two way radio kit. Full MOTOTRBO standards compliance means that the repeater is compatible with useful features like IP Site Connect and Connect Plus, providing your handsets support them. This can help you to extend the reach of your radios even further, using the internet to bridge different sites.

Designed for longevity, the SLR 5500 has a number of expansion ports for future upgrades, so your investment will be protected for years to come. Many of the serviceable parts inside the unit can be replaced quickly on-site, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum when a repair is needed. Low power consumption and low thermal footprint offers a low cost of ownership, too.

Additional features include digital error correction, and a range of different ports for connectivity, including a front panel USB port, two Ethernet ports, an auxiliary power output, and sockets for external alarms. There’s also an integrated battery charger that delivers 3A current, and the option of remote management via the internet.

Brentwood is pleased to offer the SLR 5500 with the standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty, along with the expertise of our technical team to help you get up and running straight away.

If your users are struggling to communicate across a large site or building, the Motorola SLR 5500 repeater is a next generation solution. Combining the benefits of analogue and digital technology, it evolves with your business and provides exceptional performance and clarity. For guidance and advice, don’t hesitate to call our team of experts today on 01245 403520

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