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Motorola XT660d: Digital and Analogue Combined to Provide Seamless Communication featured image

Motorola XT660d: Digital and Analogue Combined to Provide Seamless Communication

In today’s working environment, day to day operations require instant communication and constant connectivity. It only takes one faulty radio to halt proceedings, which is why the XT660d aims to connect, monitor and convey information as quickly and effectively as possible.

The XT660d offers a practical, professional design, as well as clear LCD Display and a full keypad. The radio boasts up to 16 hours battery life, perfect for users on the go. Industries such as hospitality, manufacturing and retail could all benefit from the many features of Motorola’s latest model.

Outstanding Professional Features

Clear audio output ensures that wherever the location, users can be heard the first time around. Interactions on the XT660d can be remotely recorded and monitored for clarity and safety, and the ability to store a number of contacts and pre programmable text messaging options allows for hassle free communication.

If a radio goes missing from site, no need to worry, the missing model can be disabled remotely in order to stop any unwanted usage – and if it is found again? The radio can be re-activated quickly and easily.

The XT660d is all about ease of use and communication; the wide range of accessories available allow communication to be discreet and convenient, and the large PTT button and LCD display enable straightforward use.

Enhanced Calling in Digital Mode

When replacing existing radios, the jump from an analogue system to digital can prove difficult. The XT660d eliminates this challenge by operating in both modes, allowing upgrades to happen over time. The ability for enhanced calling in digital mode allows for flawless communications, even when a team is stationed far apart.

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