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New Two Way Radio Fleet in the Can for Aerosol Valve Manufacturer

Did you know that you can get coffee from a spray can? No, neither did we until we started working with specialist aerosol valve manufacturer Lindal Valve!

Part of the multinational conglomerate Lindal Group, the company specialises in manufacturing valves, actuators and spray caps for an enormous range of aerosol products. It recently contracted Brentwood to supply a new two way radio fleet to its UK distribution centre in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

The company wanted an efficient, reliable communications system to aid operations at the two large warehouses at the site. As a 24-hour operation, management had specific requests around health and safety, with night shift personnel often working in areas of the warehouses alone operating forklift trucks. They therefore wanted a solution which included monitoring and alert protocols should anything go wrong.

Durable and Tough

Our recommendation was to supply three advanced digital Hytera models, the PD605, the PD605G and the PD665. The Hytera PD600 range of digital handheld radios are all ideal for use in a warehousing environment. Durable and tough, they are nonetheless slim, light and easy to carry. With a sturdy metal frame design which easily withstands everyday knocks and bumps, they also boast IP67 dust and water resistance, plus extended battery life – perfect for shift work.

The majority of the two way radios we supplied were the PD605 model. A straightforward and simple to use non-display model, the PD605 offers a good coverage range and excellent audio quality, so communications would be heard loud and clear wherever staff were operating across the two warehouses. It also supports group and private calling, so conversations don’t have to be broadcast across the whole network.

Fall Detection

We also supplied the PD605G, the GPS enabled version, specifically for night workers. We programmed these with the in-built Man Down feature, which uses a motion sensor to issue an alert if the handset is horizontal. Worn clipped to an operative’s uniform, this is used to issue an alarm in the event of a fall.

This alarm was programmed to be sent to the PD665, which was to be located in the site manager’s office and to act as the coordinator’s handset. The PD665 is similar in stature and core features to the PD605, but with a four-line colour display and advanced frequency resources for handling heavy traffic – essential for a device at the centre of a communications hub.

For added convenience, we also supplied Earhanger earpieces, which hook around the ear so users can listen in hands free without the risk of falling out, along with soft leather shoulder straps and carry cases.

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Brentwood Communications has more than 40 years’ experience providing bespoke two way radio hire solutions to organisations from every sector of the economy.

If you would like to talk to us directly about a communication solution for you or have any questions you  contact our team on 01245 403520. 

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