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Quick Radio Repairs for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

For many years Brentwood Communications have been supplying Tottenham Hotspur Football Club with two way radios. In fact Brentwood have a long history of providing football clubs across the UK with two way radios for their on-site communications and more importantly for their matches.

Tottenham have a very sophisticated trunked radio system which means that users can dial up individual radio users across the stadium and communicate easily anywhere on site. The trunk system means users don’t have to worry about finding available channels to communicate, the system will do all the hard work for them.

Such a high profile team as Tottenham Hotspur requires additional radio support, especially on match days. It is imperative that the two way radios are in tip top working condition during these times, when the fans and media alike are watching. The radios are also used heavily all throughout the year, so it is especially important they are in full working order during high profile match days.

To make sure the radios work faultlessly all the time, Brentwood provides its Gold maintenance service to Tottenham. The Gold maintenance service option is Brentwoods premier service and is used when communications are critical and downtime is not an option.

The service includes an annual site visit to test all of its radio equipment is working properly. This test includes a battery performance analysis where the battery is fully tested to make sure it’s in full working order. In the event of a radio being faulty or a battery not being up to scratch the equipment is repaired or replaced by Brentwood Communications. If the radio fault means it will have to be taken off site (where it cannot be repaired on site) then our office team will despatch replacement equipment, whilst theirs is being fixed. Tottenham can normally have replacement equipment delivered within 4 hours.

For management at Tottenham this high level of service is just what is required to make sure communication is achieved 100% of the time. Downtime is not an option, and the Gold maintenance provides practical support when radios need to be repaired and back up and running quickly.

If your radio system is mission critical and downtime is not an option call Brentwood Communications on 01245 403520 to speak to a radio adviser today

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