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Sugar Hut Employs Brentwood Radios

Brentwood has been supplying ‘The Sugar Hut’ nightclub and restaurant with two-way radios for many years. In fact, ITV uses this venue to film the popular television series ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

The nightclub offers people an experience of Eastern culture fused with Western ideals, creating a unique world. The club has an impressive sound and lighting system, and a silky décor – which creates the mood and sets the scene. The nightclub’s DJs control the dance floor action by playing a range of music including R&B, funky house, old school garage and hip-hop.

Brentwood holds an extensive stock of radios and accessories, and these are available for immediate purchase or hire. When customers buy radios, they receive a solid one or two-year warranty. However, some companies prefer to hire their radios, so they can quickly replace them when the batteries fail, or when the radio itself becomes faulty. This is an attractive proposition because these benefits are included in the hire charge.

‘The Sugar Hut’ asked us to provide simple two way radios that could operate across their premises. Apart from being reliable and robust, the nightclub wanted radios that would require minimal staff training. It was vital that employees could easily keep in touch without having to negotiate complicated features. For instance, having to contact people rapidly and effortlessly is essential to the security team (‘bouncers’). Because they often have to deal with problems such as fights breaking out, stolen personal belongings, or somebody that slips and falls.

After our engineers performed a radio survey on-site, they chose the Motorola CP040 to deliver optimum coverage across the area. They also recommended that workers use earpieces, so they would not miss any calls in the noisy conditions. These multi-channel analogue radios are competitively priced and easy-to-use. They consist of chunky buttons and knobs; a tricolour status LED; and two programmable buttons, which give instant access to the four most-used features.

The CP040 is renowned for being tough and durable (because it has passed stringent tests that replicate five years of hard use in the field). In addition, its high/low power setting can extend battery life for up to 19 hours from a single charge. Meaning employees can use their radios uninterrupted during their long, hard shifts.

Managers have the ability to monitor all voice traffic and send a message to the team in seconds. They can communicate to the whole team at once, or talk privately one-to-one by simply changing channels.

In brief, it’s crucial ‘The Sugar Hut’ employs a radio communication system that allows its team to react rapidly. Which is why Brentwood has supplied analogue two-way radios that are robust, reliable and easy-to-use.

What’s more, these radios offer hours of service on a single charge, bringing peace-of-mind to workers who are under pressure for long periods.

If your venue requires two way radios to improve your communication over any large area – please give us a call on 01245 403520 to discuss your needs

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