Tuned In To Glamour at Artsy New Boutique featured image

Tuned In To Glamour at Artsy New Boutique

Tucked away in the heart of London’s stylish Fitzrovia district, nestled between the sophistication of Marylebone and the glitz of Soho, a brand new boutique hotel has been causing a stir.

Reliable radio

Brentwood enjoyed a glimpse of the high life when we were asked to supply two way radios for a London Fashion Week event held at the hotel in mid-September.

As you would expect, the glamourous event attracted a large assortment of the beautiful and famous from the world of fashion and beyond, and security was high on the list of priorities.

To support the security team throughout the event, we hired out a fleet of Lugra Evolve E55 digital radios. The Evolve E55 is a sturdy and reliable dual mode analogue and digital radio with excellent audio quality. Easy to carry and straightforward to use, the Evolve is a perfect hire radio for events, as it is unobtrusive and requires little experience to use.

It features basic privacy encryption, which ensures that other two way radio users in the surrounding area cannot accidentally eavesdrop on conversations – a useful feature given the nature of the Mandrake event. It also supports private calling, again so sensitive messages do not have to be broadcast over the entire network.

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Over the past 40 years, Brentwood has supplied two way radio support to its fair share of high profile events. But whether you are planning an A-list soiree or a community get together in your local neighbourhood, we are the experts at delivering the right radio solutions for your needs.

To find out more, contact us today on 01245 403520.

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