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Ultra-reliable radio communication is crucial for tunnel construction projects to achieve the desired productivity, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Brentwood Communications are experienced in this specialist sector – which is why Costain and Skanska recently picked us to supply two way radio equipment for ‘Crossrail‘.

Projects like these are large and complex. They demand the latest radio technology to guarantee the best performance and coverage, both above and below ground. Their digital radios have to be robust, reliable and feature-rich, so that managers, security teams, traffic supervisors and construction workers have the ability to swiftly interact and collaborate with each other.

After our free on-site tests and trials, we often recommend Motorola DP1400, DP2400 and DP2600 digital two way radios, along with Motorola DR3000 repeater units, to ensure full coverage across the different site levels.

These models are dependable digital radios, which are ideal for Tunnel Radio Communications. They’re tough, rectangular-edged and no-nonsense. The casing is tightly sealed so that radio users can make and receive calls in all weathers. These powerful radios offer big projects twice the calling capacity. But more than that, employees benefit from increased talk-time (40% more than analogue). That means they can work long shifts without having to recharge the batteries.

The industry-leading audio clarity on the Motorola digital radios allows users to operate in any type of working area. And its intelligent audio self-adjusts the volume to compensate for any background noise. That means workers can avoid missing those urgent calls. These radios also allow the staff to make calls from the noisiest areas, because suppression filters will dampen the clamour of clattering and rumbling machinery.

Also, to minimise worker distraction, a voice announces channel and zone changes as well as each programmable button feature. This means workers can remain totally focused on important tasks. What’s more, to avoid disturbing the whole crew, managers and supervisors have the ability to call up the individuals they need to talk to; or simply dial-up selected work groups.

When a staff member works away from the group and feels in potential danger, they can derive comfort from the ‘Lone worker’ facility. Available as standard, this feature enhances personal safety by automatically sending an alarm if the worker fails to respond to preset audio prompts. They can also use one of the programmable buttons as a ‘Panic’ button, to instantly inform their colleagues of an emergency.

To conform to recent safety legislation, it’s now essential the radio coverage is reliable at all times, so it doesn’t let people down at vital moments. Where back-to-back radio coverage is not possible, Brentwood can install the repeater units to overcome the most awkward terrain, both on the surface and in tunnels. The fact is, these DP3000s improve and expand radio coverage at all times in the toughest conditions. To achieve the best results, we are able to interlink the strategically-placed repeaters using cables. This boosts the radio transmissions uniformly across all site levels – including confined tunnel spaces. We can also enhance the underground coverage by positioning the aerials, which feed each repeater, along the full length of the tunnels.

When a client decides to hire our radios, and wants to use them in a built-up area, we offer to obtain a licence from OFCOM – saving them time and hassle. A licence permits radios to operate on an exclusive frequency, ensuring other people in the vicinity cannot eavesdrop on private conversations.


  • No capital outlay is necessary – you save money by only paying for what you use
  • Hiring equipment for short or long contracts offers you maximum flexibility
  • Rapid repairs and replacements eliminate down-time
  • Support and set-up are included for your peace of mind
  • Free radio trials ensure you get 100 percent coverage across any site

Brentwood supplies two way radio systems, using the latest technology, across every continent in the world. Each radio comes with a battery, belt-clip and charger. In addition to this, you can choose a variety of compatible earpieces and other audio accessories.

If your tunnel construction project requires two way radio equipment to increase work performance and elevate health and safety, across any large site – please give us a call on 01245 403520 to discuss your requirements

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