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Two Way Radios For Ambitious Greenwich Peninsula Project featured image

Two Way Radios For Ambitious Greenwich Peninsula Project

Two way radios offer superb connectivity across large construction sites, and the Greenwich Peninsula certainly fits into that category.

Over the course of the next few years, 10,000 new homes will be built there, and the project is currently being rolled out in stages with a £500 million budget.

Wates Construction has been appointed to build a 32-storey apartment complex on plot 104 of the new Greenwich Peninsula complex. The apartment block will offer a mixture of affordable social housing and private apartments.

Overall, the Greenwhich scheme is one of the largest of its kind in Europe, and keeping everyone talking requires professional equipment and a little creative thinking. Wates Construction approached Brentwood for assistance in getting the site ready for their phase of the project, which is set to continue over the next year, into spring 2017.

Durable Motorola Radios

Wates Construction needed two way radios to ensure safety and security on site. Primarily, their radios are deployed among fire marshals and safety officers, who will be working around the site. Keeping these people talking is essential, since rapid evacuation can save lives, so Wates needed radios that could function in any weather condition.

Our team recommended the Motorola DP1400 as the perfect radio for the job. It offers superb noise cancellation, an essential feature on a busy construction site. Digital technology prolongs battery life and ensures reception is always clear. It also offers backwards compatibility with analogue equipment, and can include a lone worker mode that will alert others if the user fails to respond to an alert tone.

Covering a Large Site

It’s important that staff with critical roles can stay in touch everywhere – even on the fringes of the Greenwich Peninsula complex. When it comes to safety, nothing can be left to chance.

Brentwood’s team of engineers visited the site to install a Motorola DR3000 repeater, and a multi-antenna system, to ensure edge-to-edge coverage in all conditions. Our engineers spent two days getting everything set up so that the company could hit the ground running with their new equipment.

The Motorola DR3000 repeater allows one signal to be rebroadcast over a wider area, while the eight additional antennas ensure excellent signal quality as workers move around. Together with the fleet of Motorola DP1400 radios, this solution will keep everybody in touch as the project progresses.

Hire or Buy Two Way Radios

Brentwood is a leading supplier of two way radio equipment in the UK. We offer installation and servicing solutions, consultancy and advice, and the best pricing for both outright purchase and radio equipment hire. Regardless of your site, or your intended budget, our team will recommend the best equipment and services.

For more information about our suite of services, or to get a price for two way radio hire, get in touch with our sales team today on 01245 403520.

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