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Wembley Stadium Hire Radios for American Football Game

By hiring instead of purchasing radio equipment for specific events, companies can save money at a stroke. That’s why the Ignite Group have chosen Brentwood Communications to supply portable radios for a crucial American football match to be played in the UK.

Wembley Stadium is hosting the match (Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins) on behalf of the National Football League (NFL) on Sunday the 28th September 2014.

Ignite have been brought in to manage the sponsors as well as design the branded areas in the stadium. They have the ideal experience to generate the right atmosphere with authentic American-style entertainment, merchandising, food, beer and soft drinks. Many employees, dressed in keeping with the theme, will also be shepherding fans to the venue. To carry out their duties effectively on the day, it is vital that they use two-way radios which are reliable, resilient and speedy to operate.

Following radio trials at this landmark stadium, we’ll be supplying the managers, stewards and security with Motorola DP2400 digital radios for the weekend. Being able to communicate at the touch of a button means radio users can perform their duties with increased efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, crowd safety.

These groundbreaking radios provide many new features offering reliable coverage; high-quality voice clarity; intelligent audio; noise-cancellation; private calling; plus the latest safety features. Their rugged design means stadium personnel can use them in all weathers and in the harshest conditions. But more than that, users enjoy 30-50 percent longer battery life than traditional analogue radios. Which means they can now work long shifts without having to stop and recharge their batteries.

Because they have to meet strict health and safety regulations these days, stadium management are far less tolerant of poor radio performance. So there’s no excuse for using out-of-date technology. The fact is, stadiums of all sizes can benefit immediately from digital radio communications. Personnel can now speak, without delay, to stadium stewards, car-parking attendants and security members from anywhere on-site. This advanced technology also gives them the flexibility to contact the whole workforce, communicate with various work groups, or simply talk privately to a selected individual. For ease of operation, radio users can designate channels by group names; and security teams can even opt to operate on a dedicated channel of their own. It is also possible to send text status messages in the blink of an eye. For instance, senior staff can use these messages to alert stewards and security when the gates are ready to open… when it’s half-time… and when the game is over.

Digital noise-rejection technology means staff can communicate clearly on loud match days – even from the far-flung corners of the ground. And the ‘intelligent audio’ automatically adjusts the radio volume to compensate for any background noise present. This means personnel avoid missing critical calls when they are amongst the hoards of chanting supporters. What’s more, we can supply sophisticated earpieces which make transmissions even clearer, and allow multi-tasking workers to operate their portable radios hands-free.

Unavoidably, match days expose radio users to personal risk – especially when operating away from their colleagues. The ‘Lone Worker’ feature offers everyone peace of mind by continuously monitoring their safety status. Employees also have the option to call for assistance, at any time, by depressing a programmable button.

When you hire from Brentwood you get numerous benefits:

  • Hiring for single events or long-term use offers maximum flexibility
  • No capital outlay is necessary – pay only for what you use for ultimate cost-effectiveness
  • Immediate repairs and replacements eliminate down-time
  • Support and set-up are included for your peace of mind
  • Site surveys and radio trials ensure perfect coverage and strong reception across the site

In short, the DP2400 digital radio is robust, easy-to-operate and reasonably priced. With its dependable coverage and noise-cancelling technology, this radio is as effective during the week as it is on match days. The cutting-edge technology means personnel from all departments can work smarter and respond more quickly. For the same cost as an analogue radio, you can now benefit from full digital functionality. This multiplies all-round effectiveness and enhances the enjoyment and security of fans during match days.

If your stadium complex requires two way radios to increase work performance and elevate health and safety across any large site – please give us a call on 01245 403520 to discuss your requirements.

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