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Brighter Communications at East London School

Here at Brentwood Communications, we love spreading the word about the benefits of two way radio, and recently we were delighted to supply a famous East London school with its first ever fleet of handsets.

Whitefields Schools in Walthamstow enjoys an international reputation for excellence in the teaching of children and young people with a wide range of special educational needs.

Together with the Joseph Clark School for the visually impaired, it forms part of the Whitefields Academy Trust, which also runs a well-regarded research and development centre sharing expertise, training and resources to help other schools provide outstanding education and support to students with special needs.

The Whitefields Schools campus is spread over several buildings, all known by a designated colour. This means staff, teachers and site personnel alike, do a lot of moving around. And yet the school has never had a dedicated wireless comms solution, relying on mobile phones if and when colleagues need to contact each other from different parts of the complex, and facing unreliable mobile signal when they do so.

Management at the Trust knew there had to be a better solution to improve communication and site safety, and so they contacted us to help.

Splash of colour

As with any multi-building site, our first priority is to ensure that signal coverage is reliable. After carrying out an inspection, we advised the Trust to go straight for digital two way handsets, which would provide that extra bit of range as well as better audio clarity than traditional analogue models.

The school has a large teaching faculty, so we supplied Motorola DP1400 handsets for use by teaching staff. The DP1400 is a classic non-display two way radio with a straightforward push-to-talk interface, but with that added bonus of Motorola’s industry-leading digital technology inside. As an ideal introduction to digital two way radio, it is one of our most popular sellers.

Each DP1400 handset was supplied in bright coloured casing to match the building where it belongs, so red for staff based in the red building, green for the green building and so on. This was primarily to help avoid handsets going walkabout – but we were assured the bright colours would be popular with pupils, too!

For site personnel, we supplied five Motorola DP4801 full display handsets. One of Motorola’s most sophisticated models, the DP4801 gives the site team an extended range of communication options, including text messaging, work ticket allocation, and also phone system and WiFi integration. We also loaded these handsets with Lone Worker monitoring to provide an extra safety protocol when team members are off around the campus carrying out jobs on their own.

Wondering whether two way radio is the right comms solution for you? Brentwood Communications has specialised in introducing two way radio solutions to every type of organisation in every sector for close to 50 years. Why not contact our friendly team of experts on 01245 403520 to talk through your requirements.

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