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Hylands School

Hylands School in Chelmsford, Essex is proud of the academic attainment of its pupils, as well as their performance in sport, arts and drama. It looked to Brentwood with equally high expectations for the installation of the latest communications technology throughout the school. Brentwood rose to the challenge and provided two way digital radios to meet the demands of this modern educational establishment.


The radios needed to be powerful, reliable and user-friendly, so that all staff could communicate easily with each other from anywhere on the school premises. With young people on site, it was imperative that the selected radios minimised the risk of intermittent coverage and unreliable operation as inferior signal could disrupt the smooth running of the school, and provide a possible health and safety risk. As most of the extra-curricular activities take part outdoors, it was clear the staff would require handheld radios that are sharp, sturdy and weatherproof.

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