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Rackspace knows a thing or two about keeping people connected. As the world’s biggest managed cloud computing services provider, Rackspace keeps the IT systems of thousands of enterprises worldwide running, remotely, over the internet. Its list of high profile clients includes half of the Fortune 100 global enterprises. Tech experts themselves, Rackspace’s management team has a very clear understanding of the systems they need to keep their enormous operation running. They contacted Brentwood to ask for our help updating the fleet of two way radios used at their UK headquarters in Hayes, west London.

The company owned an existing fleet of old analogue models used by site management and security staff. Their main request to us was to recommend a new network solution which would provide better coverage across the site.

With five multi-storey buildings plus underground car parks, the main issue facing the existing deployment was the sheer size of the complex. Maintenance workers and security personnel would often lose signal when working towards the perimeter of the site, underground or on one of the higher floors.

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