Customer Xperience Manager

Role Outline

Brentwood Communications Group is a well-established technology company based in East Hanningfield, Essex. We have a vacancy for a new, unique role within our business which focuses on the entire Customer Experience. It’s important to note that Customers refers to both our internal staff members and external clients. The successful candidate should have experience in measuring, identifying, and improving the culture of an organisation from the top down & bottom up. They will take responsibility for continuous improvement for the consistently positive Experience of all stakeholders of BCL group. They will be creative, energetic, commercially savvy and will work to understand our customers’ needs & inspire team members to deliver value at all stages of the customer journey.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assess/Measure the existing Experience of internal & external Customers
  • Make, Cost & ‘Sell’ a set of recommendations to the BCL Group to improve Experience for all
  • Establish a sustainable organisational mindset for maintaining a consistently positive Experience that is underpinned by lived values and demonstrated behaviours by everyone
  • Research and implement a system to measure the ongoing Experience at BCL Group (perhaps an external quality mark/accolade for Customer Experience)
  • Work with BCL Group to ensure a quality onboarding, training, performance & continuous improvement Experience for staff members including the office aesthetics & layout
  • Market the many existing positives already in place and add to those using modern methods

Experience and Qualifications Required

  • 5 years’ experience in a similar role involving transformational and sustained organisational Change
  • Qualification in Organisational Behaviour or Development, Leadership, Psychology, Human Resources, or related discipline

Skills Required

  • Highly Developed Communication Skills that are adaptable to all levels within an organisation
  • Advanced Influencing and Negotiation Skills
  • Ability to sell ideas and inspire across a diverse range of cultures and personalities
  • Well-developed Measurement and Administration Skills
  • Creative IT/Social Media skills

Key Competencies Required (please see application form for details)

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Influencing
  • Attention to Detail
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