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Debenhams Hires Radios to Ensure Safe Shopping For All

High street department store Debenhams has recently opened their doors on Oxford Street, unveiling a brand new store boasting 7 floors, and supplying anything from holidays to homeware.

Being on one of the UK’s busiest streets, the shop will see thousands of customers a day – meaning that security and the safety of staff and shoppers has to be certain.

In order to ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly, Debenhams has been hiring two way radios from Brentwood Communications for the last 10 years. Brentwood has been delighted to supply communications to the new Oxford Street location to shop floor and restaurant staff, as well as security.

Ensuring Effective Communications

Due to the central location and the need for seamless coverage throughout the large building, Brentwood made the decision to supply the Motorola GP344 analogue radio. The GP344 is the predecessor of the popular DP3441e, and offers benefits such as high quality sound, an emergency button and lone worker mode. The radio has the added bonus of being small and lightweight, making it an obvious choice for those in the retail or hospitality sectors.





Security staff often require discreet equipment , so earpieces were also provided in order to keep hands free and allow any alerts to go straight to those who need to hear them. Brentwood understands that operations are critical in a busy environment, so all hire equipment comes with the offer of a free next day change over for any faulty equipment.

More About Brentwood

Brentwood Communications is always happy to provide communications for events big or small, or any other requirement you may have. With 6 day a week support, and staff that are happy to help whatever the enquiry, we can offer cost effective solutions for both purchase and hire.

Call our team today on 01245 403520 for more information.

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