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What is Lone Worker?

Lone Worker is a safety feature that can be installed on your radios. It requires the radio user to press a button on their radio at pre-determined intervals. If the worker does not check in at the expected time, an emergency procedure is set in motion. This feature is vital in protecting vunerable workers.

What is Man Down?

Man Down is a feature that can sense if the radio is tilted between 30 to 60 degrees for a period of time; detecting that the user has perhaps fallen unconscious or is injured. If the radio is at this angle for a set amount of time management users will be alerted.

What is the difference between UHF and VHF?

VHF frequencies would be supplied with your radios if you are using your radios outside in open air events whereas UHF frequencies would be supplied you are using the radios indoors as their shorter waves can easily penetrate building walls.

What does PTT stand for?

PTT is the abbreviation for Push-To-Talk. This is the button on the side of your radio that when pressed opens the airways for you to transmit your message. You will need to release this button to allow another user to respond to your message.

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