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Meet the New Super Compact Submersible Handset From Vertex featured image

Meet the New Super Compact Submersible Handset From Vertex

Working around water carries all sorts of hazards, not least of which is keeping vital equipment dry and in good working order.

Two way radio provides a crucial communication resource for all sorts of industries working around open water, from fish farms to ports and harbour operations, aquatic sports to river and waterways management.

Operatives look for handsets which are durable and reliable even when accidents occur. A two way radio which stops working as soon as it is dropped and gets wet is a lot of money down the drain.

The new Vertex EVX-S24 – part of the eVergeTM range – is ideal for use outdoors in all weather conditions, around water or otherwise. Not only is it fully waterproof, it is also a super compact lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for use on the move in all situations.

Small but Strong

The EVX-S24 is the smallest and lightest two way radio model yet manufactured by Vertex. With dimensions of 91 x 55 x 32mm, and weighing a slim line 215g, this highly portable model fits more easily in the hand than most smartphones. This makes it ideal for mobile working and unobtrusive use.

Yet despite its size, the EVX-S24 is built to take everything that is thrown at it. It meets the IP67 international standard for waterproofing and dust resistance, and can withstand full submersion in up to 1m of water for 30 minutes without risk of damage.

The eVerge’sTM durable casing comes available in two colours, black and yellow.




Digital Features

The EVX-S24 is a digital two way radio model with a full range of high quality digital features. However, it also operates in analogue mode, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to migrate from analogue to digital. The EVX-S24 will work seamlessly with existing analogue handsets, acting as a stepping stone until the full fleet becomes digital.

The eVergeTM benefits from high quality audio enhancement thanks to Vertex’s AMBE+2™ vocoder technology for improving voice clarity. It also features intelligent audio control which eliminates background noise and static from transmissions, making overall audio quality reliably clear.

Another useful digital feature is Direct Mode, which effectively doubles call capacity by running two channels on a single frequency.

Call Management

Unlike analogue two way radios, with the digital EVX-S24 you don’t have to transmit to the whole network at once. Each radio can have a unique ID programmed into them, which can be used to make private calls much the same way you would use a contact list in a mobile phone.

In addition, the EVX-S24 allows calls to be prioritised, so if there is an emergency, the transmission interrupt function will cut through all current transmissions on the network and ensure the priority message gets through.

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