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IDARO is the revolutionary smart solution that takes instant team communications to the next level. Marrying the functions of two way radios with the features of a smartphone, IDARO instantly connects your teams, across global networks, at the touch of a button, no matter the sector.

IDARO Introduction
IDARO Features

Accelerate the Flow
of Information

Customise your IDARO Solution to ramp up your team communications.

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Group or Individual Call

A single person can reach hundreds of users in a group or 1-to-1 private call or message.

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Broadcast Call

Allows Head Office to send out major alerts to some or all of the sites.

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User Status

Allows users to amend their devices status.

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Lone Worker Protection

Protect your users in whatever job they are doing - timed notifications, man down, movement detection or impact detection.

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Mix your device with other units such as iPads and other Android based apps.

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The IDARO Handset

As tough as a two-way radio, as feature-rich as a smartphone - IDARO handsets deliver the best of both worlds:


Larger Hybrid – DMR Functionality Device with a built in switch to easier change between DMR and IDARO functions – also full use of Android system.

Hytera PNC380

Perfect for a Radio user that needs access to a few more functions. Display and Basic Text Messaging along with Group, Private calling and Emergency Button.

Samsung Xcover 5

Full smart phone capability alongside IDARO functionality along with Lone Worker options, ideal if you don’t want to carry two devices.

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