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Ofcom Licence Management

Ofcom Licence Management


All radio solutions, except license free radio, require a fully managed license which will give you access to a radio spectrum.

We can assist in the application completion and management of your Ofcom Business Radio Licence, ensuring your spectrum use is completely legal and managed correctly.

The process of acquiring an Ofcom radio licence can be quite rigorous due to the technical specifications required. We will handle all the paperwork on your behalf removing the stress and worry involved with submitting the application on time.

It is a legal requirement when using a licensed two way radio. It also ensures each system delivers a quality service that will not suffer from interference or failures that could leave even the best designed system completely worthless.

With our Ofcom licence management, the licence remains in your name but allows Brentwood Communications, to receive all your Ofcom notices. This allows us to arrange for payment of your licensing costs and deal with any associated queries.

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Ofcom Radio Licence FAQs Answered

Types of Licenses

Simple UK

  • This licence means radios can be used anywhere within the UK.
  • It will authorise the use of hand portable or vehicle mobile radio equipment, however, base station use is not permitted.
  • Anyone with a Simple UK radio license will be given the same frequencies so interference is possible.

Simple Site

  • A Simple site licence means radios can only be used at one location within the UK.
  • It authorises the use of hand portable radios, mobile radios, and base stations within a small, designated area.
  • Frequencies are designated by areas.
  • Anyone with a Simple Site Ofcom radio licence in the same area could be using the same frequencies, so interference is possible.

Technically Assigned

  • This licence allows radios to be used at one specific location, specified but the site’s coordinates.
  • It authorises the use of hand portable radios, mobiles radios and base stations.
  • The same frequencies are not given to anyone else within a given radius of the supplied coordinates, making interference a lot less likely to occur.
Type of LicenseNumber of FrequenciesPower OutputPricePeriod
Simple UK7 VHF
14 VHF
5 Watts4 Watts£755 Years
Simple Site16 VHF
17 UHF
32 VHF
34 UHF
2 Watts2 Watts£755 Years
Technically Assigned11from 4 Wattsfrom 4 Wattsfrom £75+*1 Year

Brentwood Recommends:

If you want to use your radios across the UK, a Simple UK license is your only option.

If you will be using your radios at one specific site, budget permitting, a Technically Assigned license is your best option. It offers your own dedicated frequency that will prevent interference.

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