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Hytera AP515LF Licence Free Analogue Two-Way Radio

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  • Features Include

    • Licence-free analogue radio
    • Extended battery life
    • High efficiency antenna for enhanced signal range
    • Noise cancellation

    • Radio
    • Li-Ion Battery
    • Belt Clip
    • Single Charger
    • User Guide
Weight (grams)200
Power Output (watts)0.5
Frequency (Mhz)446.0 - 446.2
Number of Channels32
Battery Type4000 mAH Lithium Ion
Battery Life (hours)25

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Hytera AP515LF is the perfect choice for instant communication straight out of the box. An affordable, reliable business radio that delivers fast push-to-talk communications over short distances, the AP515LF works as hard as you need to without ever letting you down.

In sectors like retail, education, and in office environments in general, two way radio doesn’t always have to be about cutting edge digital features. Sometimes you just need the basics – clear, straightforward voice communication on the move, in a compact and light form that anyone can use.

That’s exactly what the AP515LF delivers. And as a license-free radio, it’s also easy on your budget. Most of the radio frequencies used by two way radios are controlled by the communications regulator, OFCOM. You have to buy a license to use them for commercial purposes.

The exception is a particular frequency band, in the 446MHz range, that is set aside for free public use. Transmitting using licence-free 446MHz frequencies, two-way radios like the AP515LF remove an operational cost.

Not having to buy a license is a nice perk for businesses. But not if it comes at the cost of clear audio that allows you to hear in all environments. At the end of the day, investing in a two way radio is all about communication. You want messages to get through loud and clear, or there is little point.

The AP515LF delivers loud and clear audio thanks to its 3W speaker, an impressive level of power for radios in this class. It also features an advanced noise cancellation algorithm to ensure voice can be heard in background noise, gain control to reduce distortion and feedback control  to suppress howling caused by other devices when in close proximity of each other.  this ensures crisp, high quality audio even in noisy environments. These features ensure background noise will no longer slow down your communication, and you can hear and be heard wherever you are.

The Hytera AP515LF has a high-sensitivity receiving module and high-efficiency monopole antenna to enhance signal penetration and achieve better call effects even in weak signal rooms. The monopole antenna has a unique stable design and is not easy to break and bend, helping to enhance durability and also increase the radiation efficiency compared to traditional antennas. As a result, it typically delivers an extended range of 11% more than standard.

One of the most impressive features of the AP515LF is its battery life. With a 4000mAh Li-polymer battery, plus the low consumption design, the AP515LF has an incredibly long 25-hour battery life to ensure your teams stay connected and productive even on extended shifts. The 10W Type-C USB charge cable allows users to charge the radio fast and efficiently. You can get the radio fully charged in 1.8-hours, and get up to eight hours operation time for the radio in just one hour.

Hytera has one of the world’s largest professional communication production lines. Each device is manufactured in accordance with strict supplier management system certification, each component meets the quality control requirements to ensure the consistency of product quality.

Hytera AP515LF User Environment & Radio Ratings

A compact and ergonomic unit, Hytera AP515LF is built to rugged performance standards so that it can withstand regular drops and knocks. It comes with an IP54 rating for water and dust ingress, plus MIL-STD-810 G for humidity, shock and vibration.

Hytera AP515LF Two-Way Radio Performance

  • 3W speaker and advanced noise cancellation algorithm to eliminate unwanted background noise.
  • Exceptional 25 hours talk time on a single charge
  • 32 Channels
  • High-efficiency monopole antenna that delivers 11% extra signal range


All Hytera radios come with a 24 hour warranty.

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