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Hytera PD715EX ATEX Digital Radio

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To purchase these radios you will require an Ofcom Licence – read more about licences here or contact our team today on 01245 403520.
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  • Features Include

    • Atex
    • IP67 rated
    • Safe in combustible environments
    • Electrostatic free design
    • Locking battery compartment
    • Resists gas, dust and liquid
    • Emergency button
    • Lone Worker/Man Down
    • Ergonomic design

    • Radio
    • Li-ion Battery
    • Belt Clip
    • Nylon Strap
    • Single Charger
Weight (Grams)485
Power Output (W)1.0
Frequency (MHz)400 - 470 (UHF 1); 136 - 174 (VHF)
Number of Channels1024
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Life (Hours)17

More information

Hytera PD715EX Atex Digital Two Way Radio Product Description

The PD715Ex ATEX radio from Hytera is an intrinsically safe portable two way radio designed for communication in the most hazardous environments where explosive gas and combustible dust are likely to occur. Meeting the requirements of the European ATEX and IEC directives, the PD715EX is one of the safest and most reliable digital two-way radios around.

It is meticulously designed so it will not ignite airborne material and is highly resistant to dust, gas and liquid ingress. The internal components inside are covered with a high-strength rugged protective LCD cover which is able to withstand being hit by a 1kg hammer. The blue areas of the case prevent electrostatic discharge while the battery cover also has a unique locking design so that it cannot be disengaged accidentally.

In addition, this model is dust and water-resistant to protection class IP67, guaranteeing durable as well as safe operation that is perfect for tough environments.

The Hytera PD715Ex two-way radio has been designed to help maintain the highest safety standards for personnel, too. It features a pre-programmed emergency mode activated by a highly visible emergency button which overrides active calls to instantly summon help. Lone Worker monitoring automatically raises an alarm if a radio user is unconscious or injured by requiring them to check in with the network within a fixed time frame. If the timer expires, an alarm is triggered. Man Down fall detection triggers an alarm it it detects unusual movement in the handset.

This radio also supports GPS satellite tracking so that the location of an alert can be identified quickly.

Despite its specialised features, the PD715Ex handheld radio does not compromise functionality in other areas. It can be used in conventional analogue or digital modes simultaneously, making it ideal for mixed fleets or for migrating from analogue to digital handsets gradually. Noise cancellation ensures clean, clear audio even when radios are used in loud industrial environments. And all calls are kept secure with 40-bit encryption.

It also supports DMR trunking. Using pseudo-trunking, a Hytera patented technology, frequency slots on which calls are transmitted can be shared to increase capacity either direct to handset or to repeater. Trunking also allows for roaming, which gives users the freedom to move between sites seamlessly, with radios connecting automatically via Multi-site Conventional and XPT systems.

The PD715 EX digital ATEX radio boasts a generous 1800mAh Li-Ion battery, which provides up to 17 hours operation time on a single charge. It is built for ease of use as well as reliability, keypad and control knobs have been designed so that operators wearing gloves have easy access to all buttons, and the textured surface on the exterior provides superb non-slip capabilities.

Thanks to its upgradeable firmware, this radio can be enhanced with new features without having to add expansion modules. It requires an Ofcom licence to operate.

If you need further help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will ensure you get the exact two-way radio solutions for your needs.

Technical Specifications

  • Display: None
  • Dimensions: 141 X 55 X 37mm
  • Weight: 485g
  • Channels: 256
  • Frequency Range: VHF 136-174MHz, UHF 400-470MHz
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion 1800mAh
  • Battery Life: 17 hours (Digital), 14.5 hours (Analogue)
  • Environmental: IP67

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