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Hytera PDM680

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To purchase these radios you will require an Ofcom Licence – read more about licences here or contact our team today on 01245 403520.
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You pay £1,050.00 (excl VAT)
Subscription and Sim Card
bought at additional cost
  • Features Include

    • AI Based Noise Cancellation
    • Android Platform
    • LCD Screen
    • Emergency Button
    • Dual Cameras

    • Device
    • Lithium Ion Battery
    • Charger
    • Power Adaptor
    • Belt Clip
    • Antenna
    • Strap
Dimensions (H x W x D)145.7 x 60x 29.1 mm
Weight (grams)328g
Number of ChannelsUnlimited
Screen Size3.6 in 1280 x 720 Touchscreen

More information

The PDM680 is a high-performance multi-mode communications device designed to give first responders the watertight connectivity they rely on in emergency situations.

The PDM680 is compatible with 3GPP Mission Critical Service (MCS), a 4G LTE broadband trunking protocol that delivers premium voice, video streaming and data transmission over and above what conventional mobile can achieve. Where voice and signal quality on mobile is not always up to the standards needed in critical situations, MCS plugs the gap.

However, even MCS-compatible devices have to be able to connect to a mobile network in order to work. As a failsafe back-up, the PDM680 also functions as a digital mobile radio (DMR), connecting ‘back-to-back’ with other devices in range via radio frequencies, so operatives can stay in touch with colleagues even in areas with poor mobile signal.

This dual mode functionality even extends to the PDM680 being able to talk with both LTE/MCS and DMR devices at the same time, further extending the communication options for busy teams.

A slimline and highly portable device with a large push-to-talk (PTT) button for instant transmission, a touchscreen plus five programmable buttons for instant access to chosen functions, the PDM680 is designed equally for ease of use on the move and resilience. An innovative feature is a second tilt top screen next to the antenna which allows operatives to see key information at a glance without having to remove the handset from their belt or holster.

As rugged and durable as it is intuitive to use, the IP68 rating means it can handle dust and full submersion in water, while MIL-STD-810-H certification covers drops of up to 1.5 meters without a case and other environmental extremes such as high and low temperatures, or machine vibration.

When dealing with emergencies, it’s not enough just to be able to trust your connectivity. Responders want to be sure they can hear their colleagues, whatever is going on around them. The PDM680 delivers exceptional audio volume. Even when the sound source is 30cm away from the microphone, for example if the operative has to leave the radio in a uniform holster, it can generate loudness up to 98dBPhon. Moreover, it features AI-based noise cancellation to minimise the background noise and boost the audio clarity.

Finally, security and privacy are as important to first responders as reliability and durability. The PDM680 features signature authentication to deny access to all but authorised users, while all data is full-disk encrypted at rest, and E2EE protected in transit.

* Subject to internet connection

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