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Icom IC-F5400D

You pay £529.00 (excl VAT)
  • Features Include

    • Colour LCD Screen
    • Wide VHF frequency coverage
    • Audio equalizer
    • Multiple controller configurations
    • IP55 dust protection and jet water resistance
    • MIL-STD rugged construction
    • 1024 channels
    • GPS receiver

    • Vehicle Mobile
    • DC Power Supply
    • Mounting Bracket Kit
    • Hand Microphone
    • Microphone Hanger
Weight (kg)1.5
Range (km)...
Power Output (watts)25
Frequency (Mhz)VHF 136 - 174, 380 - 470
Number of Channels1024
Battery Type...
Battery Life (hours)...

More information

The Icom IC-F5400D is the premium VHF mobile radio in Icom’s new generation of IDAS digital business radios.

This unit’s high-resolution, trans-reflective colour LCD display provides great visibility. A night mode setting allows for convenient use in all conditions; menu items are clear and easy to read. Menu items and functions can be shown in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and simplified Chinese. In addition, voice announcements can be recorded and customised for each language.

All of the radios in this range come with standard 4-key DES encryption. For more secure communications – such as in police or armoured bank vehicles – security is upgradable to 256-bit AES encryption with the use of an optional UT-134 encryption unit. The stun/revive/kill feature allows the radio to be remotely disabled in case of theft, to prevent malicious users from eavesdropping on sensitive communications. Operation can be quickly restored once the unit is recovered.

The IC-F5400D supports a wide coverage of frequencies and allows for 1024 memory channels with 128 zones. This ensures a communications channel is available, even in busy cities with plenty of other radio users. The rugged MIL-STD construction of these radios is paired with IP55 jet water resistance and dust-protection to ensure your radio communications will remain working on your boat or in your vehicle, even in adverse weather conditions or messy work environments.

Voice announcement allows the radio to notify the user of channel number, channel type, and zone with an audible announcement. This allows drivers to make adjustments to their radio settings without having to look away from the road. Multiple controller configurations are possible, and Icom offers a number of separation kits, cables, and other optional items to create the perfect communication solution for your installation.

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