Kenwood NX-3220E

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  • Features Include

    • VHF
    • Analogue and digital dual mode
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • IP54/55/67 Rated
    • Active Noise Reduction
    • Four-line display
    • Full Keypad
    • Text Messaging
  • Standard Package Contains

    • Radio
    • Battery
    • Antenna
    • Belt Clip
    • Single Charger
    • User Guide
Weight (grams) 340
Range (km) 3
Power Output (watts) 5
Frequency (Mhz) VHF 136-174
Number of Channels 260
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Life (hours) 11

More information

Part of the next generation of two way radio technology, the Kenwood Nexedge NX-3220E is a high performance multi-mode model that seamlessly combines voice, text and data communications.

A compact full keypad display handset, the NX-3220E features a 14-character, four line screen with a 12-key alphanumeric keypad, plus a four-way directional pad for scrolling through menu options on screen. It supports text messaging, and comes with in-built Bluetooth and GPS, ideal for connecting to wireless hands-free accessories and for coordinating users in large teams through location data.

Ideal for large-scale deployments in industry, the NX-3220E offers consistently outstanding audio in all environments. It features Kenwood’s trademark Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology, which removes background noise to ensure clean, high fidelity audio cuts through even in the noisiest locations.

Operating on the VHF frequency range, the NX-3220E boasts extensive signal coverage which makes it well suited to use outdoors. It is designed for use in all weather conditions and in tough environments, with IP54, IP55 and IP67 ratings for water and dust damage. It also boasts a robust, durable construction, meeting US military standards MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for temperature and shock resistance.

The NX-3220E comes with safety features including Man Down fall alerts, which are triggered by a motion sensor built into the handset, and an Emergency Button which overrides all calls on the network in order to raise an alarm.

Despite its extensive feature range, the NX-3220E is straightforward to use. Aside from the keypad, other functions are controlled by a volume switch, a channel selector and a push-to-talk button. On top of the handset there is a 7-colour LED indicator which displays the current operating mode.

One of the standout features of the NX-3220E is its ability to operate in both analogue and digital modes simultaneously. This makes it ideal for digital upgrades, as older analogue handsets can be replaced gradually and still used as part of a mixed analogue-digital fleet.

In addition, the NX-3220E also operates in two digital modes, the standard DMR protocol and Kenwood’s own NXDN protocol. Each handset has 260 available channels in digital mode as standard, but this can be expanded to 1000.

Using the DMR protocol, dual slot direct mode can double the channel capacity to scale up the size of the network, and also supports site roaming so you can use the same handset in multiple places. In NXDN mode, Type C and Gen2 trunking can increase the overall number of channels available even further.

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